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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

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Pregnancy gender reveals are a popular way to tell your family, friends and the world that you are having a baby boy or girl.

Whether you’re having a gender reveal party or you just want a cute way to let your friends know, here are some truly unique and wonderful ideas out there of how you can share your wonderful news.


  1. Coloured Cake: have a fun cake cutting with pink or blue colouring for your reveal.

  2. Confetti Poppers: Go with a bang! Chose pink or blue confetti to hand to your guest, count to three, pop it for an exciting explosion.

  3. Balloon Box Launch: Put several helium pink or blue balloons in a box. Have your guest countdown from 10 and open the box revealing the gender.

  4. Cupcakes: Hide the colour in the sponge so when guests bite into it, they find out.

  5. Piñata: Great fun with older kids around. Fill with pink or blue sweets.

  6. Decorate Your Bump: You can decorate your bump with a ribbon, bow or with some baby paint. Then gather everyone together and lift your shirt or take a picture to send to them.

  7. Wrap It Up: Buy a onesie or outfit and wrap it up. Unwrap it in front of guests or have a grandparent-to-be do it.

  8. Siblings Say it best: If you already have a child buy a shirt that says “I’m having a Baby Brother” (or sister).

  9. Scratch-n-Surprise: Get your guests involved in the big reveal by ordering some reveal scratch cards. They will enjoy scratching away until they uncover the surprise.

  10. Fizzing Fun: Purchase adorable bath bombs, it will release the colour of your choice for a fizzy fun reveal.


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