Milestone £90 Deposit

Please message me for more information and  the price list for packages & products. 

London baby Pickle & IceCream Photography knows how quickly time files so why not capture those special milestones with one of our baby session.


London baby Pickle & IceCream Photography For babies over 10 weeks old. It's a great way to capture the change from new baby to toddler as there are lots of key moments and stages to remember.

3 to 4 months is a great  time to photograph your baby when they're comfortable on their tummy and can lift their own head up unaided. This offers the opportunity to take some beautiful facial portraits.


6 to 9 months old babies when baby can sit up unaided, I can capture your baby laying on their back, front, sitting up and everything in between.


Childhood is a time full of wonder when even the smallest steps can be the biggest adventures. This session is designed for infants and children 1 year and older. I can offer lifestyle portraits for a more natural and informal look or I can bring my portable studio equipment to your home for a slightly more traditional style.

What does the deposit fee include?

The deposit fee is £90 which goes towards your products you chose and includes a selection of props and backdrops used to capture the photos, my time on the day and editing your photos. You will get a private viewing of all your images and you can then decide what package or products you would like to go for.

Please message me for more information and  the price list for packages & products.